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Last summer our Boston Bruins won the stanley cup, this is a collection of images from the party afterward. ©D.Z. Photography All Rights Reserved


Well I must say I am not glad that it has been basically a month since I have both last written and last posted. Sorry about that but between making up a modeling class, and getting my 3 images ready for my gallery at graduation I have been going crazy. Let me tell you printing images isn’t as easy as you would think, well not when you expect your images to be museum quality. Basically it is a lot of trial and era but when you are finished it is well worth it. However when you are on a deadline, the Bruins win the Cup, and you are making up a modeling class which requires the images be flawless you (well I) fall behind. No excuse I know, and I hope you don’t hate me for it and I really hope that you enjoy the images I took after the B’s won the cup.

It was a wonderful night beautiful, warm, and ELECTRIC!!! The front of the Garden (yeah I ain’t a yuppy I’ll never call it by anything else) was sectioned off by more police then I have ever seen. Like people were going to storm the Garden, on the other side of the fence was at least 5 thousand screaming partying Bruins fans. I was in Boston in 2008 when the C’s won their first championship in decades and WOW what a different atmosphere. The crowds were rowdy people were breaking windows smashing car windows and cops allowed it to happen for a good 30-45 minutes. However the night the B’s won man the cops were smiling people were high 5ing and the was just this air of joy. No violence no lets ruin peoples property because our team won. The cops were so cool that night people were setting fireworks off and the cops just watched. Now I will say there were some bad apples as you will seen in some of these pictures, but I spoke to an officer at 11:45 from the Boston PD and he informed me there had been no arrests at that point.

Now this blog is for photography not politics, however if i didn’t at least voice my displeasure with the use of riot police I wouldn’t be being honest to you guys. There was a whole bunch of officers in ninja suits all blacked out all bug eyed staring down everyone who wasn’t a cop. I am all for police safety, and I completely understand their need to protect themselves from an attack, or thrown bottle. What I don’t understand is their attitude towards average citizens and their disdain for freedom. When I asked them simple questions how was your night, how about the B’s after all these years finally winning the Cup, I got one of two responses either “get away from me, or just a stare that said if I could I would smash you with this club.” This is a problem in my eyes, yes police do have a job to do, but they are police not military, they are citizens granted the power to enforce the law. Our country has become so divided, it’s us versus them in everything cops, everyone else, Republicans vs. Democrat, Young vs Old, specific race against every other race, I could continue, but seriously we are all Americans. We are all in this together, yes this is a blog for photography and I’m sorry for this rant but damn on a night the B’s win the Cup can’t all of us be friendly? Why can’t we just be some what friendly anyway? Why can’t we all just be happy that we live in a semi-free country? I mean look around the globe Japan is in nuclear meltdown, Chinese can’t express themselves. In middle eastern countries woman can’t drive. We have it pretty good here, ALL I AM SAYING IS WHETHER YOU HAVE A BADGE, OR DIFFERENT COLR SKIN, OR DIFFERENT RELIGION, WE ARE ALL AMERICAN REMEMBER THAT NEXT TIME SOMEONE IS ATTEMPTING TO BE NICE TO YOU, BE NICE BACK.

Sorry for the rant I will do my best to keep my thoughts short and sweet from now on but this had to be said. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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