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Imagery from the devastation created by a tornado that was born out of a once in a life time storm that hit and completely devasted some small comunitities in western MA. ©D.Z. Photography All Rights Reserved


So on June 1st 2011 the state of Mass was hit with devastating thunderstorms, during these a few tornadoes popped up and demolished a few cities in western Mass. I went out there Monday of this week (June 6th 2011) to check out and document the destruction. I was not ready for what I seen, here in my state one known for snow storms, a tornado ravaged the town of Monson. The tornado tore through this town tearing apart beautiful historical homes, churches trees cars everything. The tornado literally up rooted a home which you will see in these photos and moved it completely off the foundation. There was some beauty not in the carnage, but in the people. ALL the people of the area came together to help one another out. There was no Government agency out there that I seen there was people like you and I people who were genuinely helping because they cared, yeah red cross was there but to be honest it seemed like they were just passing out water and collecting money. It was the people they put aside all their differences put aside their beliefs and just helped. It was a very moving situation, and I think more people from the Boston area should try to do their part. I hope you enjoy the photos but remember people lost their lives in this storm. If you can please offer and help these people out they need us!

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