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Day at The Zoo

So a while back I went to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston (think it’s Dorchester) well either way I love zoo’s. Well truth be told any establishment that holds exotic animals I love. This day was no exception, it was unbelievably hot, but it was wonderful either way. While I was there I had an AMAZING interaction with a bird, the bird is fairly large, has a brown body and pink head, you will see it in a minute, well look close in it’s mouth it has the leg of a baby bird of some type. Well me being the screw around that I am stuck my hand out and said “Gimme” the bird waddled over stuck his beak through the fence and tried giving me the bird leg. I know some of you reading this probably think I am nuts (probably right) but I had at least 10 people laughing that the bird was following me from one side to the other every time I asked it for the bird leg in it’s mouth. HILARIOUS! I had a blast at this zoo and am definitely going back. Well I hope you guys enjoy let me know what you think!

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