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What a Great Experience!!!

So part of school was to do something called practicum, it was basically the school’s way to throw us into the real world with a real client but we did’t get paid. The school gave us a list we chose 3 and the school chose which one we were going to do. The process was like a job meet the client all of which were non-profits in dire need of help. Write a contract have them sign off then bust your ass. Well I got a dance company called Prometheus dance, (check them out)(my work is on their site too) I went in there not knowing a thing about dance, which scared the people that ran it and I busted my ass determined to prove myself and my skills. Well, this is what I did tell me what you think, oh and the owners were very pleased which was the best thing to me because when it comes down it all I truly care about is making my client happy!

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