I’m not like most photographers.I didn’t grow up with a camera in my hand. As a matter of fact I did electrical for most of my life; then I bought a camera, went on a few trips, and after seeing the images I caught I fell in love. I debated the issue of leaving the construction feild and going to school to get professionally trained to become a professional photographer – finally deciding to leave a job I hated to take photography classes. I applied to CDIA BU (Center for digital Imaging Arts at Boston University); this became the very best decision in my life. CDIA helped me grow beyond my wildest dreams and realize that my dream of becoming a fashion photographer was both in my grasp and attainable. Having finished my training at CDIA, I am now chasing a dream that until 3 year ago I didn’t know I had.

Donny Zaltzberg

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Image by Breanna Moore Photography