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Imagery from the showing of Daniel Faucher Couture runway show at Boston Fashion Week. ©D.Z. Photography All Rights Reserved

Daniel Faucher Couture

Faucher did a wonderful job talk about elegant, these dresses made me think of fairy tales! Designers Models if you see images you love up here please contact us, or call us 617-590-6480

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Second Time Around is a chic consignment store, they focus on giving retro clothing a new life and new owners. ©D.Z. Photography All Rights Reserved

Second Time Around @ Boston Fashion Week

At Boston Fashion week we were shown a great line up from Second Time Around, I particularly love their saying “resale goes upscale” I loved it I hope you all do as well. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these images please contact us at please tell everyone who loves fashion about the blog.

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BFW Screw up

So I want to thank every one for their interest in the imagery from fashion week and I am about to post some more, however I first wanted to say sorry to the designers models, and fans of fashion week. I was expecting to post images chronologically, but I screwed up and went from Prajje to Lilly & Migs. The problem was when I finished the others it was 3 am and I didn’t want to post so late. Well I am going to continue, chronologically from Prajje’s wonderful show until the last show. For anyone in need for a photographer, D.Z. Photography does venture out to do more then just fashion so hit us up! on the phone 617-590-6480 email or twitter @DZPhotoboston

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