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Prajje, one of Boston Fashion Week's top designers, a genius of a designer! ©D.Z. Photography All Rights Reserved


One of the most sought out fashion shows place was packed and Prajje did NOT let any one down! ENJOY

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Imagery from "The Launch" at Boston Fashion Week @ The Tent, in which up and coming talented designers were highlighted. ©D.Z. Photography All Rights Reserved

The Launch

The Launch, Was a showcase of very talented new designers, these designers were Karina Bresnahan,GeorgAnnette Chatterly, Mishal Kizilbash Christine Lam, Candice Wu, all had very different looks but all will be making big names for themselves.

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Boston Fashion Week

I was given a wonderful opportunity this, one which I will look back on fondly for all the wonderful people I have met, and one which will hopefully be the start of a wonderful career in fashion photography. I am not going to bore anyone with utter nonsense, and ramblings that no one cares about, I take pictures not write I will say what you are about to see is amazing, these designers are unnaturally talented and they all blew me away! Normally I put each image in nice and large but because I did not want to deprive the designers of their talent, I opted out for thumb nails. Clicking on the thumbnail will bring you to a larger photo. As always tell everyone about the blog and if you have twitter follow us @dzphotoboston

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