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A very beautful little girl whom I had the pleasure to photograph. ©D.Z. Photography All Rights Reserved


So recently I did something that was amazing to me, I photographed a baby. Baby Alyanna who’s a couple months old is a beautiful little girl who was as sweet as candy to deal with. She cried when she first got here had her bottle and then laid there eyes wide open just looking around and admiring the sites. This was fun and I look forward to the next baby session. Let New or Expecting Mom’s know D.Z. Photography has specials for the new addition to your families. Gives us a call to set up an appointment 617-590-6480

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Imagery of some of Mother Nature's most beautiful creations; butterflies. The colors and size are unbelievabley pretty. ©D.Z. Photography All Rights Reserved


So about a week ago I went to the Butterfly Place, in Westford Ma, aside from the place being a 1000 degrees it was really cool. I must say though as beautiful as butterflies are they are still bugs, and to have bugs landing on you and catching a ride is still strange. These butterflies are huge, the are about the size of sparrows,and they are all over the place. Butterflies are amazing creatures, and capturing them was fun, and tough every time you’d get them in focus they would fly away. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures and if any of your friends like butterflies send them the link to the site, this site is made for everyone to enjoy.

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